Pulpit Calendar

Christmas – A Season of Hope; To Know Jesus Christ & Make Him Known; Being a Christian Witness of Faith & Purity; Devotions Leading to Easter & Palm Sunday; Light. Love. Life; Church Body Life; Mission Month; Understanding the Future Blessing of Israel (Worldviews); The Promise of Jesus.

Living Wisely, Love Crucified Arose, Wisdom from Proverbs / Practical Christian Living, Making Christ Known to the Nations, Lessons from Esther – God’s Care & Concern for His People, Lessons from Esther – God is Soverign & His People Rejoices, Wisdom from Proverbs – Practical Christian Living, Christmas – A Season of Hope

To Know Jesus Christ & Make Him Known, Renewing Our Life in Christ, A New Lifestyle, Bridging the Heart & Mind, God’s People in a godless World, Missions – Why Me?, Being More Effective as a Church, Amos – A Shepherd Used by God, Immanuel, God with Us

To Know Jesus Christ and Make Him Known, Unity in Christ, Christ the Head of the Church, The Outworking of Christ’s Love, Bridging the Heart & Mind, Conversations with God, Living With God’s Invisible Presence, Partnership in Missions, Obedience to God, Strengthening the Family, Do Your Best to Present Yourself to God – 2 Tim 2:15, Experienceing the Miracle of Christmas

Fresh out of the church camp on the theme Live + Love = Life, we are returning to our daily lives as employees, home makers, parents or students. The January calendar for the pulpit is designed to help encourage us live out what we have learn in the camp and to live our daily lives in fullness.