Major Events in 2015


Date Time Events
31 2pm BC Ladies Fellowship

Date Time Events
22 9am Lunar New Year Combined Service
22 9am Chinese Speaking Ministry Service (LNY)

Date Time Events
7 10am Chinese BNF
7 7pm Back to Hymn
8 12noon Talk on Apostasy by Dr Clive Chin
13 8.30pm BC Night Cycling
14 4.30pm Music Ministry Thanksgiving cum Dinner
22 1.45pm 27th Anniversary Celebration (Chinese Assembly)
28 2pm BC Ladies Fellowship
29 12noon Talk on Missional Church by Mr Watson Rajaratnam
30 7.30pm BNF Meeting (Hosted by Bethesda Chapel)

Date Time Events
3 9am Good Friday Service
3 1.45pm Good Friday Service (Chinese Ministry)
5 9am Easter Sunday Combined Baptism Service
25 2pm BC Ladies Fellowship

Date Time Events
3 11.45am Small Group Leaders/Council Meeting
10 1.45pm Chinese Assembly – Mother’s Day Gospel Service
23 2pm BC Ladies Fellowship
24 9am Combined Bilingual Service
24 10.30am AGM
30 8pm Fast Forward Event
31 BC Youth Camp (31 – 2 June)
31 12noon Talk on problems of apostasy in the church

Date Time Events
1-2 BC Youth Camp
12-14 Vacation Bible School 2015
14 1.45pm Father’s Day Gospel Service (Chinese Assembly)
15-16 7.30pm Chinese BNF

Date Time Events
18 2.00pm BC Ladies Fellowship (Fruits Party)

Date Time Events
7 4.00-8.00pm Church Picnic @ Changi Boardwalk (Meet in Church by 3pm)
29 2.00pm BC Ladies Fellowhip

Date Time Events
6 11.45am Small Group Leaders/Council Meeting
19 7.00pm Evening of Worship & Intercession
23 8.00pm to Midnight Extended Night of Prayer
26 7.00pm Mid-Autumn Festival (English & Chinese Assembly Project)

Date Time Events
17 9.00am Seniors’ Day! @ S.E.A. Aquarium
24 10.00am BCK Graduation & Concert
31 2.00pm BC Ladies Fellowship

Date Time Events
13 7.30pm BC Movie Night
28 2.00pm BC Ladies Fellowship

Date Time Events
20 1.45pm Combined Bilingual Baptism Service
25 9.00am Combined Christmas Service cum Lunch
31 10.30pm Watch Night Service