Youth Ministry

Scientific DNA is known to be like a unique set of code or blueprint for life. Similarly the Youth Ministry of Bethesda Chapel is geared towards the goal of providing a God centered blueprint for living out the Christian life as a community by having a common DNA.

Delighting in God’s Word

We believe in encouraging one another to Spiritual growth and maturity through the nourishment from God’s Word. If we are to be like a tree planted by streams of water which yields its fruit in season and whose leaf does not wither, we have to find our delight in the law of the Lord, which will also be translated into our lives as we seek to have a more consistent devotional time with the Lord.

Nurturing Relationships

Throughout the Bible, we learn that our God is a relational God. Therefore relationships are an important part for us Christians, especially for youth. It is God that draws a person to church, but it is friendship that makes the person stay. Therefore we believe that all youth in Bethesda Chapel should belong to a group where they can relate to and have fun, share their joy and struggles with and most importantly, are accountable to. We must also encourage each other and not give up the habit of meeting as a youth body so as to spur one another on in our faith.

Advancing God’s Kingdom

It is not only important to be reaching up towards God. As a youth body we must also seek to reach out for God and share the love of God. We seek to engage our friends, neighbors and community through activities, events and community work through concerted efforts together. Individually we challenge ourselves to be a testimony for Christ in wherever we are through our speech, our actions and our lives.
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Youth Fellowship (for all youth!)
Senior Sunday School (13-23 years old)
TEEN Small Groups (for 13-16 years old)
Youth Small Groups (above 16 years old)

Upcoming Events!

  • Youth Fellowship – 01 March 2014, 7.30PM
  • Fast Forward – 05 April 2014, 7.30PM
  • (See the table below for a complete list of 2014’s events!)

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Date Event Topic
08 February 2014 CNY Steamboat
01 March 2014 March Youth Fellowship What Makes Us Christian?
05 April 2014 April Youth Fellowship Fast Forward: A Night of Prayer & Worship
03 May 2014 May Youth Fellowship Denominations: Brethren
07 June 2014 Serving the Community Habitat for Humanity
08 June 2014 Inter-generational Games Bowling
05 July 2014 July Youth Fellowship Extended Worship
02 August 2014 August Youth Fellowship Mission Month Programme
06 September 2014 September Youth Fellowship BGR Issues
04 October 2014 October Youth Fellowship Extended Worship
01 November 2014 November Youth Fellowship Self-Worth
December 2014 Youth Retreat
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