Open Worship

Guidelines on “Open Worship”

During the Worship Services on Sundays at 8am. “Open Worship
The key segments of the worship service are: Worship, the Breaking of Bread (weekly), Offerings and the Preaching of God’s Word

For whenever you eat this bread and drink this cup, you proclaim the Lord’s death until he comes” (1Co 11:26 NIV).

“Open Worship” should:

  • lead worshippers to the Breaking of Bread,
  • focus on God’s attributes and God’s works,
  • remember Jesus Christ, especially His death for sinners on the Cross,
  • anticipate the Return of Jesus Christ (1 Cor 16:22b; Rev 22:20).

Some tips on participating in open worship:

1 Before the worship service, prepare.1
2 During worship service, take the cue from hymns and spiritual songs that are sung, and continue to worship God by:

  • reading a relevant portion of Bible, or
  • saying prayers of thanksgiving to God, or
  • reading or leading a hymn or spiritual song, or
  • staying silent and rest in God’s Presence.
3 Who can participate in open worship?

Those who are baptised (men or women)

4 What to avoid?

  • Personal testimony (share this at the small group or prayer service, or  request for time to share)
  • Teaching or preaching
  • Sharing of current affairs
  • Taking more than 5 minutes
5 You may offer a word of exhortation or encouragement. This can often be done in connection with a Scripture verse and/or a hymn.

1 Some recommended readings can be found in the pew hymn books. A helpful list of bible texts can be obtained from the deacons and elders.

Church Council, Dec 2010