BCK Graduation (24 Nov 2019)

The Bethesda Chapel Kindergarten (BCK) graduation ceremony was held in the church sanctuary last month and I was given the opportunity to speak and witness the event. It was a joyous occasion as I saw many parents and their families witnessing their little ones receiving their graduation certificates. It was amazing to see that all the BCK children, despite their young age, did their best to perform in the various skits and songs that they had practised beforehand for the actual big day and I praise God for them.

As the theme of the event was “Awesome God”, I shared the following excerpts in my below speech which I hope will encourage you especially if you are a parent with young children:

(i) Children are God’s gifts and blessing

In Psalm 127:3 (NLT), it is stated:

“Children are a gift from the Lord; they are a reward from him.”

In today’s modern world, too often children are seen as liabilities rather than assets. There are some married couples who choose not to have children as they are afraid of raising and taking care of them as it might affect their finances, time and even career. But we are assured that we have made the right choice to have children because the Bible calls children to be a gift from the Lord and they are a reward from Him. He gives us the privilege of raising a child into the person that not only we want to see, but mainly what God wants to see. We know parenting and taking care of children is never an easy job. I also like to encourage you as parents that we do not need to overly worry about our children’s education, physical needs and protection. The bible tells us not to worry as the Lord will provide us what we need. Our Lord will provide for us as parents as long as we make the choice to entrust everything to Him. Sometimes we are overwhelmed in taking care of our children and providing for them. But at the end of the day, after a long day’s work; we go home and see our children smile, our hearts will melt. We realise that our hard work is worth it and that they are indeed a blessing from our Awesome God.

(ii) Parents need to train and educate their children the right way to go

In Proverbs 22:6 (NKJV), it is stated:

“Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it.

There is a clear-cut relationship between the way we teach and train our children and the way they turn out as adults. Each child is wonderfully and fearfully made by God and He has a wonderful plan and purpose for each child. Our Awesome God has blessed every child with their respective talents and abilities. We need to carefully nurture and groom them so that they can blossom into the individual that God has specially want them to be. I think sometimes as parents, we want to make all the choices for our children, like which school to go, which job to have, and to the extreme even the future partner he or she will marry. But what I can say, is by doing so, this will hurt them in the long run because they do not learn how to make right decisions from young. Therefore I would like to suggest that we need to teach our child to make wise decisions based on Godly principles, so that we do not have to watch very step our child takes. We train our children with the right values from young so that they will know how to make the right decisions for themselves based on sound principles. This way we know that our children will remain on the right path. Therefore let’s train our child to choose the right way which is accordingly to God’s plan for them. Our Awesome God has given us many examples in the Bible to ensure that our children will flourish and be blessed. For example Proverbs often links long life to obedience as a general principle.

In conclusion, children are a blessing by our Awesome God and parents are privileged to be entrusted with them. We trust God to guide us as parents and give us the wisdom to train them in the right way to go as our precious little ones embark on the next phrase of their education journey.


Brother Leo Deng Yong