Commissioned For God’s Glory (29 Sep 2019)

“We can see the grandeur of God when we are NEAR to Him”.  Pastor Jude Rabbani.
These words really struck me when Pastor shared about seeing an A380 up close in Changi Airport.   The passage of Isaiah’s vision is a familiar passage but the opening statement forces me to think… How close am I to God?  Can I see His glory?  Can I see His grandeur?

The holiness of God.  Why 6 wings… even the seraphim need to cover their eyes and their feet.  The first response is confession… Being in the presence of our Holy God forces us to see our condition.  We need to be saved!

Why am I saved?  Pastor Jude shared that we often in our testimonies shared about how we choose to believe in Him.  But in reality, God, in his mercy and grace, chose us.  He chose us to be his people, a royal priesthood, a people for his own possession that we may proclaim the excellencies of him who called us out of darkness into his marvelous light (1 Pet 2:9). I don’t know about you but every time I read this verse, I get goose bumps.   Saved to declare His praises and His glory.

How do I declare His praises, His glory?  Allowing the presence of God reign in my life.  When he is my King, my life will show His glory.  This reminds me of what Jesus say about the gospel of God “The time is fulfilled, and the kingdom is at hand; repent and believe in the gospel” Mark1:14. His kingdom is within us.  Are we living in a way that reveals His kingdom or repel people away from His kingdom?  We will be answerable to God.  So our actions and our words matter.

How long must I do it? We are told that the task is not easy because the audience’s hearts are dulled, ears are heavy and eyes blind.  But persist we must!  We are to proclaim His glory until the end of time.  So, it is either until my last breath or until the Lord comes (Isa 6:9-13).  God in his mercy and grace, desires none to perish but all the come to repentance. (2 Pet 3:9).  So, I need to watch and pray…how is God working in my loved ones lives and how I can partner with Him to have the opportunities and courage to share.


  • Compel with acts of compassion that shows your concern
  • Communicate the gospel in words that explains the Grace of God and the centrality of Christ
  • Counsel people to seek the Lord with their whole heart
  • Challenge people to enter into a loving relationship with Jesus Christ.


Sister Linda Tan