Globalization – Today’s New Workers in Mission (4 Aug)

globalThe month of August begins Bethesda Chapel’s emphasis on God’s mission. Singapore is a gateway for many foreigners. People from different ethnicities come in as tourists, students, workers, domestic house maids, employees and businessmen. Some become permanent residents and citizens. This is a Macedonian call for the local churches and individual Christians in Singapore to find specific roles in God’s mission within Singapore and beyond.

God the Father has sent His Son and accomplished the Finished Work of Christ (Redemption). For over two thousand years, the Holy Spirit has graciously helped Christians to sow the Gospel and testify how God has saved us from future judgment and has given us the free gift of eternal life. We are called to do our part in The Unfinished Story (Mission).

“A voice cries: “In the wilderness prepare the way of the LORD; make straight in the desert a highway for our God” (Isaiah 40:3).

Today, Christ sends each one of us! (John 20:21)
Let the redeemed ones of the LORD testify, “The Lord Jesus Christ has redeemed us from slavery to sin and from Satan, mankind’s enemy, by His precious Blood” (Psalm 107:2; Rom 3:224-25).

God is patient. Many people of different ethnicity are being saved by hearing and believing the Gospel. As God’s workers, be missional in our living at all times. To be missional is to adopt a posture and a lifestyle like a full-time missionary in order to engage pre-believing contacts with the gospel truths. We are each well-positioned in our respective vocations and specific callings. Live self-denying, Christ-serving lives in all that we do (Col 3:17, 23). Conduct our lives as though we are serving Christ. Shine for Christ at home, at work, and on vacations. We can share the joy of salvation with our contacts.

Learn humbly from God’s Word so as to develop the reverential fear of the Holy God. Thus equipped, we can boldly share with our contacts and urge them to consider God’s redemption plan. Pray persistently for them.

All those who know us are reading our daily lives. So live up to God’s holy standards as God’s living letter (2 Cor 3:2). In due time, God’s Spirit will cause spiritual regenerations in those who believe in our God and only Saviour, Jesus Christ (John 3:8; 16:8; Rom 1:16; Titus 3:5).

In a globalised world, we are God’s new workers of His great commission. We have a story to tell to the nations. While we do our part in nation-building, our risen Christ has sent us to welcome foreigners to enter the Kingdom of God, and be citizens of heaven (1Cor 15:50; Eph 2:19; Phil 3:20). As Christian Singaporeans, we are poised to be ambassadors of Christ. Singapore is indeed a globalised gateway, located along the highway to God’s eternal kingdom.

Majulah Singapura! To God be the glory!