Prayer Warriors (11 Aug 2019)

We often hear people quoting Acts 2:42, on how the early church fellowship of the believers was like : “And they devoted themselves to the apostles’ teaching and the fellowship, to the breaking of bread and the prayers”. Praying is one of the activities that the early church members were devoted to. The earliest Christians’ engagement in prayer was so strong it could only be called “devotion”.

Many have wrong ideas on what prayer really is. For example:

  1. Unless we pray, God cannot act.
  2. Since God is omniscient and has decided everything, why do we still need to pray?
  3. God has too anything to handle, will He has the time to listen to our prayers?

Prayer is actually thinking God’s thoughts after Him. In prayers, we are united with Christ, our advocate and high priest, who stand before God, receiving a full hearing.

We thank God for giving us His Holy Spirit to help us in our personal and corporate prayer life. Many of us are connected to the lives of our local church by the prayers that we cover for one another.

We need to constantly be in prayer and be praying in the Spirit. 1 These 5:17, the apostle Paul exhorted the saints then to “pray without ceasing”. Romans 12:12 reiterated to the Christians in Rome to “be constant in prayer”. The Colossian church was asked to her minds on and ” seek the things that are above, where Christ is, seated at the right hand of God”. A healthy church is one which heeds God’s command for constancy in prayer.

Praying in the Spirit means allowing the Spirit himself to intercede for us. The Spirit “helps us in our weakness”. If we sometime think we can’t pray or at a loss what to pray, the Spirit himself will help us. It is prayer controlled by the Spirit. It is praying according to God’s will, which is revealed in His Word.

1.  For a long period desiring to have full time pastoral staff in our ranks of  ministry shepherds. So let’s pray for more laborers  and
2.  For our saints for their sanctification (1 Thess 4:3); against temptation and for alertness (Matt 26:41)
3.  ……
4.  ……
5.  …..

The Newsline that is in your hand now is a weekly prayer bulletin. A more comprehensive prayer listing is the combined prayer items submitted by all our ministry leaders found in our monthly prayer bulletin (distributed on our Wednesday evening prayer service and through the respective small group leaders).

It is a privilege that we as Christians through Christ can stand before God our Father and respond in prayer by His Spirit to His Word spoken to us!

Be a prayer warrior today!


Elder Andrew Lim