Wickedness & Madness: Part 2 (8 Sep 2019)

Numbers chapters 22-24, 2 Peter 2:15,16, Jude1:11, Revelation 2:14; Psalm 2: 1-6

In Part 1, we saw that greed was the source of Balaam’ wickedness, his lust for money and power, and that this wickedness was a form of madness. God sought to restrain Balaam’s madness through his donkey!. Another important quality of Balaam’s madness was his total inability to value that which is precious. Despite the revelations and communications he received from God, Balaam only really valued filthy lucre.

In spite of this revelation of the corrupt nature of Balaam, we must not lose sight of the intent of God to have brought Balaam to our attention. There is one very significant prophecy that Balaam gave to us. “Behold, a people who dwells apart, And will not be reckoned among the nations”, Numbers 23:9b.

This is a very special kind of prophecy. Let me explain. This is not a prophecy that awaits fulfilment at a future moment in time. This prophecy is a ‘forth-telling’ of an ongoing state of being and existence of a nation and of a people, whereby for every moment of every day, month, year, millennium, till this very day, for over 3500 years, and into the future until Messiah comes, this nation and this people, the Jewish people, will always be separate from other peoples.  As a nation, they will not be accepted by other nations. The people will truly dwell apart, and the nation will not be reckoned among the nations. In this prophecy God is saying that He will make sure that for the entire history of the Jewish people and nation, He will not allow them to be integrated. They will not be a part of the affairs of the world, but always singled out as different. Ostracized.

The United Nations continues to confirm the reality of this prophecy today by their innumerable resolutions over the years in condemning Israel above everyone else. They have an overwhelming and unhealthy obsession in picking on Israel. The countries represented in the United Nations today do not realise that they are repeating what Balak, through Balaam, was doing: repeatedly cursing Israel. These nations are the instruments of satanic forces that aim to thwart the purposes of God in Israel.


It is as if we are brought back in time to the plains of Moab, to witness all this, all over again! After 3500 years, Balaam (representing the forces of wickedness) is teaching Balak (representing the nations of the world) to put a stumbling block before the sons of Israel. Revelation 2:14a ‘But I have a few things against you, because you have there some who hold the teaching of Balaam, who kept teaching Balak to put a stumbling block before the sons of Israel’. This prophecy about Israel shows us that God has indeed a very special place and purpose for Israel in the history of mankind. This reveals that God is not only in control of politics but God is in control of ALL OF HUMAN HISTORY.

What is the Good News for us?

Numbers 23:19 – 23. (Please read the verses before continuing).

These verses are a statement of God’s intent.  God is saying that His intent is to bless Israel, the Jewish people. He will fight for them and He will accomplish all of His desire for them. No one will be able to stop it. At the proper time, it shall be said to Jacob and to Israel what God has done! We are witnesses of this fact today!

There is no greater proof of God’s intent than the fact that God was able, through the agency of a wicked man, to pronounce Blessings upon Israel. God used the most negative force to bring about the most positive outcome. Praise be to the Lord most high.

Finally, let the word of God have the final say; Psalm 2:1-6. (Please read).


Brother Steve Yap