The spaces, halls and rooms are named after bible lands and places. Each room has a name and a room number.

ClassroomsWorship hallFunction roomsOpen air spaces

  • Kindergarten classes from Monday to Fridays
  • Sunday School and Bible Study classes on other days
for 350 people
for 40-60 people
for outdoor functions

  • Oasis – car park
  • Wadi – 2nd storey with Trellis
  • Eden – 4th storey roof

1st Storey2nd Storey3rd StoreyRoof TopPaul's 3rd Missionary Journey

Plan of 1st Storey – Worship Hall (Bethel), Extended Hall (Gethesemane) and Library (Emmaus)

Plan of 2nd Storey (based on map of Israel)

Plan of 3rd Storey (based on Paul’s 3rd missionary journey)

Plan of Roof Top

For enquiries on bookings, please call 67422482, or email [email protected]