English Class. English as Foreign (EFL) or Second Language (ESL) for Adult Learners & International Students

27 Lorong Melayu, 200 m from Kembangan MRT Station

I. Bethesda Ladies English Class (for ladies only)

Every Friday 9:45 am- 12:00 noon, except public holidays and school holidays.

The programme has four parts: (A) Meet & Greet; (B) English in Song; (C) Practice, Learn & Improve; (D) Stories that Teach. The schedule and programme details will be given during registration.

Additional Friday morning bible classes

–      8:45a.m. – 9:45a.m. on Fridays (before the English classes) *

–      12:15p.m. – 1:00 p.m. on Fridays (after the English classes)

[The *morning bible class may continue during the school holidays. This will be decided by the students and teacher in-charge. ]


II. English as Foreign or Second Language (EFL or ESL) (for International students and adult learners)

Fortnightly on even Fridays from 8:00 pm – 10:00 pm, except public holidays and school holidays

Part 1 of class: 45 minutes – large group learning with games, Christian songs, use of English bible passages

Part 2 of class: 1 hr 15 minutes – small group learning according to English proficiency levels.

Please send email to [email protected] for enquiries and registration forms.

Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing Skills